We support clinical trials at Pharma Professionals in FSP model that takes away from clients the burden of employment and offers flexibility of assigned workforce. It reduces day-to-day management, being time and cost saving, and at the same time allows clients to keep strategic control over the trial. In this model clients also see a seamless flow of real-time data between our staff and clients’ systems related to protocols, worksheets, etc.


  • Cost-effective solution compared with ambulatory or hospital care
  • Convenient for patients, as they can have a visit arranged at convenient for them time and location with flexibility of visits during the day/night, on weekdays or at weekends
  • Ability to cover the whole country and reach patients in remote locations


  • 100+ contracted and verified nurses
  • Clinical Study Managers/Lead Nurses responsible for training, shipments, contact with Investigators, Site Coordinators, CRAs, etc. as well as assigning available nurses to patients
  • Recruitment Coordinators responsible for identifying nurses and replacements

To discuss your current business needs, please contact us at clients@pharmaprofessionals.eu

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