At Pharma Professionals we support clinical trials in FSP model that takes away from clients the burden of employment and offers flexibility of assigned workforce. It reduces day-to-day management, being time and cost saving, and at the same time allows clients to keep strategic control over the trial. In this model clients also see a seamless flow of real-time data between our staff and clients’ systems related to protocols, worksheets, etc.

We provide various types of services based on Functional Service Provision, including functional and cross-functional sourcing model as well as insourcing model. FSP lets us make use of our recruitment skills and apply them in a specific clinical trials environment.

This model helps our sponsors achieve budget efficiency with significant cost and time saving compared to traditional outsourcing. It lets sponsors have ability to scale back resources quickly when needed as well as flexibility in many other aspects of the study when compared to solutions offered by traditional CROs.

In fact every trial parameters define different operational approach and as no two trials are the same, there are no two exactly the same solutions with FSP. We tailor solutions individually for every sponsor and adapt our offer to their specific needs.

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