One of our specialties at Pharma Professionals is providing home care visits for patients in decentralized clinical trials. This type of service quickly gains popularity and has seen significant growth since the COVID-19 pandemics and general shift towards remote services around the globe. We take care of direct-to-patient and virtual clinical trials in Poland and CEE region.


  • Cost-effective solution compared with ambulatory or hospital care
  • Convenient for patients, as they can have a visit arranged at suitable for them time and location with flexibility of visits during the day/night, on weekdays or at weekends
  • Ability to cover the whole country and reach patients in remote locations


  • Verified and experienced physicians, nurses, project managers and other healthcare personnel available in Poland and CEE region
  • Different type of visits, including delivering and administering investigational drugs, taking biological samples and other services provided at patient’s home or workplace
  • Taking advantage of technologies such as applications, electronic monitoring devices, and online social engagement platforms as well as use of telemedicine

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